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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Parallel dimensions peacefully unfold their path, apart from each other and equally joining themselves in an infinite loop.

Stories of one dimension expand and overlap the next dimension, others are fully ignored; others are even judged, interdimensionally speaking.

A time will come where everything will be perceived with different eyes than now, everything will be outpaced. And then we will laugh of what has been and how much we cared for things that, in the end, have no value.

And little relevance has to know if the circle has been closed, the mission accomplished, the match over, if the prodigal son has returned and if and when he'll set sail again.

The last chilometer has been fun: with Iran i left behind a lot, literally a whole continent, psycologically a life session.
Crossing borders by walking always gives me the impression to go on the opposite direction where the world is going. This gives me balance.

I'm in Armenia, a nice country in the Caucasus. The first one to adopt Christianity as state religion. From where you can see Noah's ark, the real one, and you can dive in cognac and vodka and cheerfully enjoy skirts and female shapes, suddently forgetting what islam has slowly taught you.
I meet nice people with funny names as Gregor, Edgar, Adam, Moses, singing Toto Cutugno and Celentano, toasting to soviet-evangelical paradoxes in a land that by every mean is between Europe and Asia.

The goal for the Boy from the Orient is to go back to Moscow, to her who kept the flame burning and shone in the starry sky for 24 moons.

As Dante needing Beatrice and Odysseus Penelope, my Asya I had to get her back, literally crossing half the world.

I'm then in Georgia, certantly not Russia's best friend, and I try to sneak between Ossetia and Chechnya (quiet area ehh) hoping to pass unseen and get a last stamp on my passport.
A musician directed to Vladikavkaz, Russia, gives me hope, and there I am at 7 am on June 1st full of energy and teeth-chattering on the nice landscape offered by Caucasus hoping to be in Motherland in few minutes.
I was hoping good dose of Karma was with me, but the lesson there to learn was a different one: Patience.
Geopolitical reasons, wars and idealistic grudges prevent me from crossing the border, no discussions allowed. People keep on hating each other instead of leting life triumph.
The same day then, grumbling, instead of entering Russia I'll enter Turkey, in order to get a boat for the noth shore of Black sea. Funny world.

Soviet burocracy suffocating me, delays are accumulating and eventually after 14 hours hitchhiking, 48 on a boat and 29 on a train I'll enter triumphantly Red Square, 3 days later, with orthodox gospels and fireworks over the Cremlin, rainbows and sunrays!

New chapters in life are opening, private stories, everybody stories; in the end my story is your story, just with different places, names and characters

Now I'm about to enter in real and old Europe, after two years wandering around Asia.

As usual hithhiking makes the shift less shocking and rich in gradients; my familiarity with russian allows me, from the Caucaus to the Baltics aboundant conversations with truck drivers to whom I sound like a mad man.

Warsaw, Berlin, Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Vienna, Rubiera.

Order, silence, freedom, individuality, hygene, everything that has been before
Just like watching the same movie some years later, where you don't really care about the plot but you focus more on details.
People driving, people going to work, not interesting people, not them, not me.
Certainties, goals, fights, wishes, hopes, better future.
This is the plot what we aim to, given that everything else is already here, profusely.
The plot has to be re-edited, I would say.

I'm home. Me? Home?

I fall like an alien among people that used to be my fellows...
- Hey what's up, all right?
- Well yeah, all right!
- How was the travel?
SBAAAAM parallel universes opening up, whole lifetimes lived in a blink, the joy of being, living, adrenaline.
- Well yeah, not bad, nice time
- And now what are you going to do?
- Excuse me?
- And now what are you going to do?
- Excuse me?
- And now ....

And now I observe my fellow men, searching for that sensation, here as much as there, primordial perception.

And now I observe migratory phenomena with new eyes and I'm pleased to see so many different colours twisting in my hometown.
I listen to funny stories, to complaints. Who had been happy, after said it, and remained so?
I see generations following one another and the word integration expanding.
Many not-from-Reggio are way more from-Reggio than me.
People from Reggio are locking inside cars and houses while foreigners are legally taking over open spaces thanks to a new energy, unspoiled, asking for life.
I greet my small factions of china, indo, afro, arab, few words in every language and global smiles that make local realities small worlds spin around.

What happens now in Ulan Bataar, Beijing, Tokyo, Yangon, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Calcutta, Bombay, Tehran?

Parallel dimensions are intertwining, that's what happens.

Parallel dimensions that form the big parallelism called earth, around whom we spin overlapping, ignoring, judging.

Next evolutionary step is to stay part of these dimensions, rejoice within and not let form overlap, not ignoring the energy and not judging any results.

If nothing lasts forever, but everything is in constant changement, then also this journey in fact has no begin and no end, it's part of THE everything.
No more a circle but a spiral, endlessly twisting

To everybody his travel, to everybody his life. Enjoy.

Without focusing on past or future anymore, without wasting energy in defining and labelling.
An eternal present is surrounding us, forever, and it will always be.

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