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Friday, September 12, 2008

Ske on the road - Intro

Here i am (a bit late) in writing down my asian travel blog!

Initially the idea of making a blog was not in my mind, i wanted to keep technology away from me for a while and i didn't want to waste time in an internet cafe when outside the door there's fast-running Asia.

After 2 months i changed my mind: i'm still not missing keyboard and mouse and Asia is still running outhere, but you can't live 100 daysat 100 mph, "if you speed up too much you'll run out of petrol...", therefore some rest is really essential to charge up the batteries, fix the mind into some frames of unforgettable moments and have a laught about the mess and problems found along the way (in the meantime a chinese guy next to me is playing a war game with foam on his lips).

I'm living a wonderful experience, always new and all-changing, involving and without definition; i'm wandering halfway between a nomadic vagrant and a keen journalist, looking for bread to eat and opinions to see, some water or vodka to drink and points-of-view far from mine to be able to have a better view, which takes me even further.

I decided to share some stories with the digital world (in which i was sinking a few months ago), about what is happening to me and also sharing some emotions that i'm living, to remind myself of how lucky i am to be here-and-now and to give me a further shake to continue this amazing journey and tell a bit about it, to an eventual audience, and to myself for a future memory.

Like Nimalaya (my first punkrock band) claimed:
"Fuck your life, live every minute before it's too late, follow your road and you'll be free".

This feeling was there at 16, now i'm 26 and it's time to act


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